Past and ongoing PhD-thesis projects in Gothenburg

Johan Stäring
Self-consistent charge tight-binding approximation for covalently bound nano systems (Licenciate exam 2006)

Kristian Gustavsson
Inertial collisions (PhD 2011)

Marina Rafajlovic
Genetic variation in natural populations: a modeller's perspective (PhD 2014)

Jonas Einarsson
Angular dynamics of small particles in fluids (PhD 14/12/2015)

Erik Werner
Equilibrium Statistics of Channel-confined DNA (PhD 16/10/2015)

Jan Meibohm
On the phase-space distribution of heavy particles in turbulence (PhD 31/01/2020)

Johan Fries
Mixing and evaporation at the cloud edge and angular dynamics of small crystals in viscous flow (PhD 09/02/2022)

Anshuman Dubey
Dynamics of particles in fluids: effects of correlations and interactions (PhD 14.02.2022)

Ludvig Storm
Active matter (ongoing)

Linus Sundberg
Particles in turbulence (ongoing)