Complex Adaptive Systems

Courses I have taught and examined

Intensive course on neural networks (Eindhoven)

Neural networks 2023

Intensive course on neural networks (Göttingen)

Short course on neural networks (Tsinghua)

Non-equilibrium stochastic processes in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
I taught part 2b (7 lectures). Tomas Löfwander taught parts I and 2a.

Computational Biology A

Computational Biology B

Dynamical Systems

Chance and chaos

Courses I have contributed to (teaching some  lectures)

Introduction to artificial intelligence (examiner: Mattias Wahde) Five lectures and one examples class (2021 - )

Advanced machine learning with neural networks (examiner: Giovanni Volpe) One lecture (2021 - )

Introduktion till djup maskininlärning (examiner: Mats Granath) One lecture (2021 - )

Advanced simulation and machine learning (examiner: Paul Erhart) Three lectures (2021 - )

Quantum Mechanics III (some lectures on semiclassics)

Preparation for the GRE exam