Review articles

Particles in Turbulence

Statistical models for spatial patterns of heavy particles in turbulence
K Gustavsson, B Mehlig, Advances in Physics 65 (2016) 1-57

Statistical models for the dynamics of heavy particles in turbulence
J. Bec, K. Gustavsson, B. Mehlig, Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. (2024)
DOI: 2010.1146/annurev-fluid-032822-014140

Active matter

Machine learning for active matter
F Cichos, K Gustavsson, B Mehlig & G Volpe, Nature Machine Intelligence 2 (2020) 94-103


Interpreting the genomic landscape of speciation: a road map for finding barriers to gene flow
Mark Ravinet, R Faria, RK Butlin, J Galindo, N Bierne, M Rafajlović, MAF Noor, B Mehlig, AM Westram
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30 (2017) 1450-1477