DNA in nanochannels

In genome mapping experiments, long DNA molecules are stretched by confining them to nanochannels. When the DNA is fully extended, the distances X along the channel axis between sequence-specific fluorescent labels provide genetic fingerprints. However, it is a challenge to make the channels narrow enough so that the DNA molecules are fully stretched. In practice their conformations may form hairpins that change the label spacings along the channel axis (Figure).


Figure. (a) Conformation of a confined DNA molecule. The distance along the channel axis between the two fluorescent labels (green) is denoted by X. The conformation shown exhibits two S-hairpins and a C-hairpin at the left end. (b) Representation within the telegraph model. From Ref. [3].

How frequent are such hairpins? Not only had this question remained unanswered until recently, but even the most basic scaling predictions for the conformations of confined DNA are at odds with experiments measuring DNA extension in nanochannels.

We developed a theory based on a stochastic, weakly self-avoiding, one-dimensional telegraph process that collapses experimental data and simulation results onto a single master curve throughout the experimentally relevant region of parameter space [4], and  that explains the mechanisms at play [2,3,12].

Based on our understanding of confined DNA conformations we calculated how confinement affects the melting of the DNA, the separation of its strands [8,9], together with colleagues at Lund University.

During the past years, we contributed to the analysis of experimental results on the conformation and dynamics of nanoconfined DNA [1,5,7,11].

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