Symposion on nano-confined DNA

Venue. The meeting will take place on May 17 at the Department of Physics, University of Gothenburg, in PJ Salen.

Arrival. May 17.

Departure. May 18.

Registration. Please register by sending a mail to Bernhard Mehlig (bernhard.mehlig at before May 10. Please indicate whether you would like to give an oral presentation or not.

Accommodation. You will need to arrange your own accommodation for the workshop.

Invited speakers.
K. D. Dorfman (University of Minnesota, USA)
J. Krog (University of Southern Denmark)
F. Westerlund (Gothenburg, Sweden)

S. K. Bikarolla (Gothenburg, Sweden)
K. D. Dorfman (University of Minnesota, USA)
A. Dvirnas (Lund, Sweden)
K. Frykholm (Gothenburg, Sweden)
K. Jiang (Gothenburg, Sweden)
S. K. Kalyanavenkatramanan (Gothenburg, Sweden)
J. Krog (University of Southern Denmark))
B. Mehlig (Gothenburg, Sweden)
C. Stewart (Lund, Sweden)
O. Ström (Lund, Sweden)
S. Quaderi (Lund, Sweden)
E. Werner (Gothenburg, Sweden)
F. Westerlund (Gothenburg, Sweden)


12:00-13:00   Lunch
    Meet 11:50 at Wijkanders on the Chalmers campus  
13:00-17:00   Symposion  
13:00-13:30   K. D. Dorfman Knotting and folding of DNA in nanochannels  
13:30-14:00   F. Westerlund Studying single DNA molecules using nanofluidic tools: from antibiotic resistance to DNA-protein interactions  
14:00-14:30   Coffee break  
14:30-15:00   J. Krog Bayesian analysis of unfolding DNA  
15:00-15:30   B. Mehlig  One-parameter theory for DNA extension in nanochannels
15:30-16:00   A. Dvirnas DNA melting: theory vs. experiments  
16:00-17:00   Discussions